National Fraternity Supplies

Chapter Correspondence Supplies


-Alumni, Parent and Recruitment Mailings, Chapter Correspondence, Business Letters


-Same Uses as Letterhead, Paying Bills, Windowed, Security and Mailing Envelopes


-All Purpose, Invitations, Congratulations, Welcome Back

Thank You Cards

-Other Greek Houses, Parents, Alumni, Faculty


-Scholarship, Achievement, Highest GPA, Most Improved, Etc.

Season's Greetings

-Alumni, Parents, Other Houses on Campus


-Alumni Functions, Homecoming, Recruitment, Open House, Parent's Weekend, Formals, Informals, Faculty, Chapter Anniversaries

Greek Lettered Cards

-Other Houses, Informal Thank You's

Donation Thank You Cards

-Contributions, Cash Donations, Gifts, Volunteerism, Scholarship Awards

Recruitment Supplies


-New Member, Associate Member, New Initiate

Recommendation Thank you Cards
- Both Styles, Courtesy and Consideration, She Has Joined

Parent Congratulations
- New Member, Associate Member

Initiation Congratulation CArds
- Parents, Alumni, Legacies

Prefernce Cards
 - Preference Party Invitations, General Use or Specific Date

 - Beverage, Lunch or Dinner (26 Different napkin colors), Recruitment, House Functions (Homecoming, Formals, Parents Weekend, Alumni Functions, Open House, Teas, etc.)

Name Tags
 - Stick on or Pin On, Member, New Member, Brother, Alumni, Guest

Business Cards
- Fraternity, Recruitment Chairman, President, Other Officers, House Directors

House Drawings
- Alumni Fundraiser's, Parents, New Member

Specialty Cards and Items

Specialty Cards
- Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday (Alumni, Parents, Members), Sympathy

Specialty Items
- Placecards, Matches, Membership Cards, Postcards, House Bill Receipts, Large Mailing Envelopes, Newsletters


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